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Class trip


Join us on an unforgettable class trip, where children under the age of 15 can experience the thrill of rafting on Gudbrandsdalslågen. With our unique location right next to the river, we have the perfect starting point for rafting and other water activities. The rafting trips start directly from the farm, so there is minimal bus transport. This is not just a trip, but a journey filled with team building, nature exploration and adrenaline-filled experiences that will strengthen the bonds between the students in the class.

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In addition to rafting, we have several activities to choose from; Canyoning, climbing park, Stand Up Paddle Board, pentathlon and more. We have plenty of space with lots of green outdoor areas at your disposal and our own shoreline with nice swimming and fishing spots. We have various accommodation options. Own tent, lavuu or cabins. All the food can be bought from us, but the students can also arrange this themselves in our guest kitchen or by the campfire. If the pupils are to arrange their own food, we recommend that there is a plan for the meals in advance

Vi kan tilby flere forskjellige opplegg, som er spesielt rettet mot barn under 15 år, med flere eller færre aktiviteter. The trips can be combined with a trip in the mountains on your own. The class trip to Sjoa Family Rafting not only provides a dose of excitement and fun, but also creates a community and memories that will last a lifetime.

We have our own price list for school classes. Contact us for program proposals and prices.

Day 1: Arrival and cabin experience

On arrival at Sjoa Family Rafting you will be met by experienced guides who will ensure a safe and fun experience. After a short welcome briefing, the trip goes to the cabins, where the students will spend the night. The cabins are surrounded by beautiful nature, and this provides a great opportunity to build community and share expectations for tomorrow’s adventure.

Day 2: Rafting at Gudbrandsdalslågen & Sjoa Climbing Park

The day starts with a hearty breakfast to fuel the day’s activities, which start with the climbing park, an oasis of tall trees, ropes and challenging trails. Here, students get the opportunity to test their limits and strengthen cooperation through a number of climbing and balancing activities. The climbing park offers different degrees of difficulty, so that everyone can participate regardless of experience.

Experienced instructors will guide the class through the climbing elements, and students can explore the ropes at their own pace. The climbing park not only provides a physical challenge, but also a chance to build confidence, overcome fear and strengthen cooperation through fun and challenging tasks at height.

After a well-deserved lunch, the class continues with rafting at Gudbrandsdalslågen. The rafting is led by experienced guides and adapted to the participants’ age and skills, with a graded level of difficulty from 2-3. Along the way, the students will experience Gudbrandsdalslågen, from flat water where it is possible to swim in the river and feel how much power there is in the water, to the steeper and more challenging parts, where teamwork in the boat is important to be able to navigate through. It is also a great natural experience, and memories are created for life. Safety is always the focus, and our guides will guide the class through each rapid and ensure a safe but exciting experience.


After a day filled with laughter, challenges and collaboration, there will be dinner in the dining room. We serve good, home-cooked food that can be arranged as needed. Mette and Gode return the pupils to the cabins for an evening of relaxation, socializing and reflection on the day’s activities. Here, students can share their thoughts and experiences, and teachers can discuss the learning elements of the activity. This adds an extra dimension to the class trip, and the students will take with them not only memories of the rafting, but also the feeling of mastery from the climbing park, created through teamwork and individual challenge.

The evening ends with a bonfire and overnight stay in a cabin.

Day 3: Breakfast and departure

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