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Packing list

– Wool or super underwear. This is used under wetsuits if the weather is a bit chilly.
– Swimwear if the weather is warm.
– Sleeping bag and sleeping pad for overnight stay in lavvu.
– In the spring and autumn season, we also recommend that you bring a headlamp.
– Towel. Can be rented from us.

From 6 years old

From 10 years old

Adventure trail
No age limit

Climbing park
From 3 years old

From 8 years old


What should I bring from home?

Thermals/woolen underwear and a towel.

What should we wear under the wetsuit?

Thermals/woolen underwear.

Where do I get my car keys?

We would like to take care of the car keys while you are on a trip. They can be handed in at the reception before the trip.

Is it possible to have GoPro with you?

Unfortunately, not. Due to security reasons, we have been forced to ban the use of GoPro.

Is it possible to bring a phone with you on the trip?

Unless you have a waterproof phone that you are not very fond of in the first place, we recommend that you leave the phone in the car.

How long are we on the river?

The time on the river will vary somewhat with the water flow, high water level = higher speed and vice versa. On the family trip it is approx. 1.5 – 2 hours on the river in total.

Is the accommodation in the same place as attendance for rafting / canyoning?

Yes, there is attendance at Varphaugen / Sjoa Rafting Center-NWR for all our activities. All the accommodation is also located here.

When do we have to show up?

We recommend attendance no later than 15 minutes before the trip / activity starts.


How many should you at least be to book a trip?

For family rafting:
For canyoning and other activities, we require a minimum of 4 participants.

I want to book online but I want food and accommodation. How can I order this?

You can book the trip via our online booking. If you want to book food and / or accommodation, you write this in the comments field when booking the trip. It is also possible to send a separate e-mail to

Is bed linen included in the price?

Bed linen is not included in the price of accommodation in cabins, so you must bring your own. It is possible to rent bed linen from us if needed.

If you are going to spend the night in a lavvu, you must bring a sleeping bag and sleeping pad. It is possible to rent a sleeping bag and sleeping pad from us.

When is the season?

Our season normally starts in May and lasts until September / early October.


When are we back from canyoning?

Canyoning takes approx. 6 hours from meeting with us until finished.

How is transport for canyoning?

You drive your own car to the starting point for the canyoning that takes place in Tessa in Vågå municipality. When the trip is over, the guides can take the equipment back so that you can continue the journey without having to drive back to the camp.

Should we make the packed lunch ourselves?

Pre-made packed lunches are included on the trip. If there are any special considerations in relation to allergies or the like, just let us know, and we will take this into account.

Front desk

Can I go rafting when I am pregnant?

It depends on how far along you are. There are no rules that say that you cannot participate, but we point out that there is a certain risk involved so it is a decision you must make yourself, possibly in consultation with your doctor.

When is it most fun to go rafting?

It’s always fun to go rafting.

What is the temperature on the river?

It varies with the season, from approx. 4 degrees Celsius at the beginning and end of the season to approx. 14 degrees Celsius in the summer months.

How deep is the river?

It varies from 1 mm to several meters.

What is the difference between us and our competitors?

We have the best location in relation to the river and we have the nicest location for family rafting and other child-friendly activities. (and a beautiful view) Our rafting trips start from the meeting place, so there is no bus transportation before the trip. When you have rafted 7 km, you will be picked up by our bus and transported back to the starting point. All our activities have focus on the children from 3 to 15 years old.

Can I go rafting with glasses / lenses?

Yes, if you wear glasses and cannot do without on the trip, we recommend that you fastened them with a string or similar. If you wear contact lenses, we recommend that you keep an eye on them.

Is rafting dangerous?

We never say it’s safe to raft. You’re in a raft on the river. BUT, having said that, we would like to add the following: We have been rafting for over 30 seasons and have never had an accident. And we have brought with us over 100,000 guests on the river. And we have experienced guides, the oldest have guided for 30 years, of which 17 seasons with us. You should feel safe and secure as our guest.

For more information, please read our booking conditions.

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