Sjoa Familierafting is located in scenic surroundings in Varphaugen four kilometers north of Sjoa and approx. seven kilometers south of Otta. Varphaugen is from 1744, and the tourism started here in 1947. At Varphaugen, rafting has been practiced since 1989. With our unique location close to the river Gudbrandsdalslågen, we have the perfect starting point for family rafting. The rafting trips start directly from here, so there is minimal bus transportation, and the beautiful surroundings form an optimal setting for child-friendly nature experiences.

Sjoa Familierafting has chosen to focus on family-friendly activities for children under the age of 15, and we therefore recommends our sister company Sjoa Rafting AS for the guest over 15 years old. Sjoa Rafting AS takes care of «the adult activities», approx. 10 minutes’ drive from Varphaugen.

About Varphaugen


Destinations for pilgrims

As a result of the Christianization of Norway in 1033, the pilgrims began their journey to Nidaros. This ended in 1537, when the Danish king introduced the Lutheran faith (Protestantism). Throughout this period of over 500 years, there were pilgrimages up Gudbrandsdalen. These pilgrims carried stones, one for every sin they had committed in their lives until then, and when they came to Varphaugen (Warphougen), they stopped and threw all their stones to free themselves from their sins. Therefore, the place also got this name. The place is still today a popular stop for pilgrims walking along the Pilgrim Trail on the way to Nidaros. At Varphaugen, one has the opportunity to rest, eat, shower and gather strength for the next stage of the pilgrimage.

With us you will find:

– Wilderness camp at Gudbrandsdalslågen
– Large outdoor areas
– Own shoreline with nice swimming and fishing spots
– Dining rooms for 80 people
– Terrace with space for 60 people
– Liquor license for beer and wine
– Large outdoor areas

Welcome to Sjoa Familierafting at Varphaugen!

Our sister company, Sjoa Rafting AS is idyllically located right next to the river Sjoa in beautiful surroundings and with traditional buildings that contribute to a unique atmosphere.

Sjoa Rafting AS can offer rafting on Sjoa for participants over 15 years, as well as other exciting activities such as ducky, river boarding, paintball, bridge commuting etc. Most trips end with paddling straight into the camp, so you can jump into the hot tub right after the trip.

The sister companies Sjoa Rafting AS and Sjoa Familierafting have many years of experience and we collaborate and strengthen each other so that we can give our guests the best experiences.

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