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family vacation package


To make your summer holidays as easy as possible for you to plan, we have put together a family holiday package full of fun activities. All the activities are arranged for families with children aged 10 and over and give you four days, packed with exciting activities, which extend from the bottom of the valley up to the mountains, on water, on land and in the air.

We have two types of accommodation to give you different experiences, we serve home-made breakfast, lunch and dinner and you participate in both rafting, canyoning, a guided SUP trip, a trip in Sjoa Climbing Park and a day of mountain hiking or other activity by yourself, we will give you some suggestions if desired.

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Time to try new things?

The summer holiday is the right time to try something you’ve never tried before. It is also the perfect time to be outside and enjoy nature. A time to be together as a family, explore and get away from everyday life, electronic devices and things that interrupt important conversations. Here it’s about being in the moment, having a lot of time together and doing fun things. All this is possible at Sjoa Familierafting.

Holiday time is family time

The family holiday package that we have put together introduces you to various exciting activities to explore. Rafting being our core activity; it is a fun activity where we use inflatable rafts to take us down the river. In general, we love all the activities that take place at Gudbrandsdalslågen.

Canyoning is another exciting activity. When you climb up and abseil down, swim in pools and jump from cliffs, you really feel alive. It’s a good feeling to use your body in many ways, while enjoying and exploring the incredible nature in Norway.

SUP is short for Stand Up Paddle and it is a very fun water activity where you can use the paddle board in different ways. The trip is guided and you can sit back and relax as you float slowly down the river. You can sit or lie on the board and paddle with your arms or stand on the board and use the paddle to move forward.

Sjoa Familierafting’s location is in Gudbrandsdalen between the large national parks Rondane and Jotunheimen. It is therefore almost a given to go and explore the area hiking, when you are in these parts. We have suggestions for 3 different routes with different levels of difficulty, so you have a lot to look forward to. Should you wish to do something other than go hiking, we can recommend a trip to Glittersjå Fjellgård, which is a short hour’s drive from us at Varphaugen.

Sjoa Climbing Park is located in the forest by Gudbrandsdalslågen in beautiful surroundings. There are 3 different trails as well as an instructional trail. This will ensure that everyone is ready for the challenge and knows exactly what to do. The 3 trails are close together, so even if you go on different trails, you can keep close and later share the experience.

If you prefer, you can stay in the family room on the second floor of a cozy old house from 1745 for an additional fee. The room is approx. 30 m2 and has two double beds, plenty of space for a cot, a fridge, a kettle and a sink. It has an amazing view over both our area and Gudbrandsdalslågen.

Meet our sister company

Sjoa Familierafting has a sister company, Sjoa Rafting AS. The two companies offer activities for different age groups. While Sjoa Familierafting focuses on family activities, Sjoa Rafting AS offers activities for guests aged 15 and over.

The two companies are not far from each other, and they work closely together. If you have children of different ages, you are of course welcome to book activities with both companies. We would be happy to advise you on how to get the most out of your stay.

The package contains the following:

Three nights in a cabin
One night in a lavvu
Four breakfasts
Two hot lunches and two packed lunches
Three dinners
A family rafting trip
Three hours in the climbing park
A day trip canyoning
A day of hiking in the mountain or other activity by yourselves
A guided SUP trip on Gudbrandsdalslågen

NOK 4903,- per child up to and including 12 years old.
NOK 5734,- per adult from 13 years and up.

Full board is included with the exception of beverages. Bed linen is included for accommodation in a cabin, while you must bring a sleeping bag and sleeping pad for accommodation in a lavvu. If you need a sleeping bag and sleeping pad, or this can be rented from us.
We draw your attention to the fact that you must arrange your own transport for canyoning and hiking, unless otherwise agreed.

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