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Pentathlon / femkamp


A stay at Sjoa Familierafting is about exploring, having fun and doing things together with the family. If you spend half the day rafting, there is still plenty of time to do other things.

Pentathlon is a fun activity that involves the whole family down to the age of 3. You choose five out of eight activities and challenge each other either individually or in teams.

The activities require different skills, so everyone has a chance of succeeding. To give you an idea; Throwing a dart at a balloon requires precision and concentration, while you need to be able to move quickly when running in a sack race. We plan the game to fit perfectly into your program.

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Holiday time is family time. A time to get together away from everyday life, electronic devices and things that interrupt important conversations. Here it’s about being in the moment and having time together doing fun things.

In addition to pentathlon, you can do other land-based activities at Sjoa Familierafting, such as exploring our adventure trail. To inspire children to go for walks in nature, we have created an experience trail full of little surprises to explore. See if you can find all the fun things we’ve hidden around the forest. Without saying too much, we can reveal that it can be bird boxes, funny animals or stones in vibrant colors. You may even encounter small obstacles along the way. This is a fun activity, and the children will soon be fully focused on the task.

We not only offer activities on land and water, but also in the air. For those who want a more airy experience, we can recommend a trip to Sjoa Climbing Park. Located in wonderful surroundings in the forest by Gudbrandsdalslågen. We have 3 different trails as well as an instructional trail, which ensures that everyone is ready for the challenges and knows exactly what to do when venturing into the trees. The trails are close to each other, so that group members can walk different trails and still share the experience.

Don’t go hungry

When you are very active, you tend to get hungry quickly. When that happens, you can buy simple meals such as homemade pizza, toast or baked goods. If you want us to serve meals during your stay, we recommend that these be ordered in advance. We serve breakfast, lunch and a two-course dinner using the best Norwegian ingredients.

Enjoy a peaceful night

Being active requires a lot of energy, so a good night’s sleep is vital. At Sjoa Familierafting, we offer various types of accommodation. Feel free to bring your own caravan, motorhome or tent and set this up in our camping area which has a beautiful view of Gudbrandsdalslågen, or make use of one of our other accommodation options.

For those who want a wilderness experience, it is possible to stay in a lavvu on the bank of Gudbrandsdalslågen. It is a special experience that brings you even closer to nature.

We have newly refurbished cabins with bunk beds and enough space for a family of up to five people. All cabins are equipped with a fridge and a table so you can serve meals indoors.

We also have a charming family room of approx. 30 m2 with two double beds, fridge, kettle, dining area and a sink. There is room for an extra cot, should there be a need for this. The family room is on the second floor of Nordre Stuggu, a beautiful house from 1745 with views over both the area and Gudbrandsdalslågen. Nordre Stuggu is centrally located and those staying overnight here have access to sanitary facilities and a guest kitchen.

Starting time
By appointment

NOK 195,- per person


Age limit
3 years

Arrow throw on balloon

Sack race

Ball in basket

Ball on target

Tin box bowling


Tower construction

Wheelbarrow race

Our activities


We offer activities for children of all ages and are working continuously on developing the activities. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated.

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Adventure Trail

Pentathlon / Femkamp

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Our sister company Sjoa Rafting AS, offer white water rafting on Sjoa as well as canyoning, river boarding, packraft, paintball etc. for participants from 15 years of age and up.

Sjoa Rafting AS is idyllically located right next to the river Sjoa and most trips end with paddling straight into the camp.


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